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Anonymous asked: moLLY columbia basin pygmy rabbits are the worlds smalles t and most rare bunnies and thEY hae IRIDESCENT E ARS how wiLd



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Anonymous asked: mullskull how do you change your theme? like the code thing bc idk how

if u go in my /tagged/themes there’s a bunch of themes + they’ll have what is called HTML and when u go into customize there’s an option to edit HTML so what u do is copy the HTML of a theme u like and replace the existing HTML w the new one then save + ur good :)

Anonymous asked: mullberry how did u meet cara?? kiss kiss beeb

internet 👀

Anonymous asked: Mulleh! What do you think of Polaroids? Coz I really want one, but I'm not sure if it's worth it coz they can be quite expensive? x

if u can afford to keep buying film it’s worth it for sure

Anonymous asked: i love the way calum wear his beanies bc his head becomes a literal mushroom head and eventhough he acts like a badass hes still a mushroom ball


Anonymous asked: i am trying 2 think of funny things that 5sos have said it's for an important thing probably but all i can think of is it's a chocolate milk party hel p lmao fuk

the videos where they talk abt each other are wild

Anonymous asked: I was wondering how to make a face page and since you're all knowing can you help? Also is it possible to turn a side blog into your main?? You're rad

side blog- no I’m sorry :(

page- try /tagged/theme-tips ! there’s a post in there abt how to make a links page and u can make ur face page one of those :)

Anonymous asked: molly you're honestly so nice and so cute omg :-) i hope u are always happy! (and u got me saying beeb all the time) :-)

eek thank u !!

Anonymous asked: You look like the girl from BRAVE except prettier and wit straight hair! Go u!!! My hero mully