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July 23, 2014 - Los Angeles [HQ]

July 23, 2014 - Los Angeles [HQ]

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Anonymous asked: mlololol can u give me some fitness tips u have v nice legs nd also tummy u r CUTe

pls omg

i run and take the stairs a lot !! that abt it 

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What is the most embarrassing moment you have had collectively? +

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its so good PLS

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i started drinking soymilk last week and i Love it

Anonymous asked: Mully..... I'm watching too cute for the first time and omg I'm never gonna be sad again!!! Who invented this show for real bc bless them

pls i KNOW its so cute 8D

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Anonymous asked: hi mully!! so i have gym right b4 theater, and theres a rlly cute guy in my theater class and im tryna get him to hmu. but like after gym im always sweaty and my hair is weird bc its a pixie cut and my makeup runs and idk what to do!! can u help?

bring a lil brush + wet it and brush ur hair + redo ur makeup speedily !! 

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Anonymous asked: mully idk what to do >:'( I have gym first period EVERY day next semester.. and I'm gonna be all sweaty and gross ALL day EVERY day :( do u have any tips on how to like , get sweat out of hair bc that's nasty and idk what to do so I'm not gross 24/7 :(

dry shampoo + body spray !! also wash ur gym clothes weekly probably so theres less a chance of gross smells stickin 2 u

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For the people that don't think we belong in the magazine (Rock Sound) +
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Anonymous asked: mully tomorrow I am going bra shopping and I'm really excited bc I've had to live in just one sports bra for a month and yeah I'm really excited 8)


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